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The Epistle of Paul to Titus

Chapter 2

su de lalei a prepei th ugiainoush didaskalia

But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine:

presbutaV nhfaliouV einai semnouV swfronaV ugiainontaV th pistei th agaph th upomonh

That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience.

presbutidaV wsautwV en katasthmati ieroprepeiV mh diabolouV mh oinw pollw dedoulwmenaV kalodidaskalouV

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;

ina swfronizwsin taV neaV filandrouV einai filoteknouV

That they may teach the young women to be sober to love their husbands, to love their children,

swfronaV agnaV oikourouV agaqaV upotassomenaV toiV idioiV andrasin ina mh o logoV tou qeou blasfhmhtai

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed

touV newterouV wsautwV parakalei swfronein

Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded

peri panta seauton parecomenoV tupon kalwn ergwn en th didaskalia adiafqorian semnothta afqarsian

In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity,

logon ugih akatagnwston ina o ex enantiaV entraph mhden ecwn peri umwn legein faulon

Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed having no evil thing to say of you.

doulouV idioiV despotaiV upotassesqai en pasin euarestouV einai mh antilegontaV

Exhort servants to be obedient unto their own masters, and to please them well in all things; not answering again

mh nosfizomenouV alla pistin pasan endeiknumenouV agaqhn ina thn didaskalian tou swthroV umwn qeou kosmwsin en pasin

Not purloining but shewing all good fidelity; that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things.

epefanh gar h cariV tou qeou h swthrioV pasin anqrwpoiV

For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,

paideuousa hmaV ina arnhsamenoi thn asebeian kai taV kosmikaV epiqumiaV swfronwV kai dikaiwV kai eusebwV zhswmen en tw nun aiwni

Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly , righteously, and godly, in this present world;

prosdecomenoi thn makarian elpida kai epifaneian thV doxhV tou megalou qeou kai swthroV hmwn ihsou cristou

Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;

oV edwken eauton uper hmwn ina lutrwshtai hmaV apo pashV anomiaV kai kaqarish eautw laon periousion zhlwthn kalwn ergwn

Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

tauta lalei kai parakalei kai elegce meta pashV epitaghV mhdeiV sou perifroneitw

These things speak and exhort and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee.

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