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Our Customers Comments

I wanted to thank you for the King James Bible with Strongs Dictionary and Hebrew and Greek Concordance which I use frequently in sermon preparation. I had been using it on the Net but have now downloaded the product. May the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ bless his Word in this needy age. Rev John D. Nelson, Melbourne, Australia
Thank you for making the Bible available online in so many formats. Your web site has been my favorite Scripture reference, and I also use your SpeedBible. SpeedBible is wonderfully useful on a computer without web access, and its search features are powerful and easy to use. Marc Cole, La Jolla, CA, USA
Thanks for your ministry!!!! I would LOVE to FREELY offer your bibles and software to my online webministry for Woman who serve the Lord C.D. Miller, USA
I truly appreciate the Bible software made available by your company. Thank You Ted Lampkin, New Orleans, USA
We rejoiced to find your Web Site. How we hope other people of the globe will also ! Thank you. Thank you. May the Lord bless you as you spread abroad His wonderful Scripture (the written WORD) which makes us Wise concerning the Etermal WORD, Christ and His Kingdom WITHIN us.Kind Regards,Paul & Ginny Paul & Ginny Lindsay, Paris, Tennessee, USA
Thanks Fellows in Christ ! God bless You in this work ! Uldis Lejnieks, Alesund, Norway
Just wanted to say thank-you and good job for promoting the King James version of the Bible! Susanna Coleman, Richmond, BC, Canada
You have a fine website, and are doing a Work that the Lord will surely bless you for.your Sister in Christ Christy Olive, Summerville SC, USA
Hello Beloveds greetings to you in the name of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ precious name thanks for ur sBIBLE site it given lot of help to speakers of Bible and also try to create a chapeter wise site Thanks a lot PRAISE THE LORD elias.A, Hyderabad, India
I just wanted to say I think this is a fabulous resource you've created here. Thank you. Joe Mithiran, Redfern NSW, Australia
I want to say thank you for this website. My mouth has been on the floor for the longest. I have been looking for a download of the Word and when I found this site I almost fell out of my chair....for real! I am a graduate of Fountain Gate Bible College and hold a B.A.Th. Thank you again. I would like to hear a clip of the bible being read...is there a clip on the website that I could hear? Thank you again and again. Paula, Plano, Tx, USA
I am a Vietnam Veteran who is about to enter the ministry as it is I am a Lay Speaker soon to be certified in the United Methodist Church. I appreciate your free bibles and they have helped me and I wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much you have helped me immensely. David L. J. Laycock, Sr, Attica, MI, USA
I think having The Bible online is a great idea, and is an excellent resource. Thanks!!! Joshua Jones, Havelock, North Carolina, USA
you have a good help .and i want you to continue god be with you thankyou. simon kibrom, asmara horn of east africa, Eritrea
Thank God Ive found A Bible that I love to read on the internet. Adrian, Dayton, Ohio, USA
John,I just started viewing your HTML set of Youngs Literal. I feel youve done a great job, and I would just like to thank you for your hard work.I hope the Lord blesses your efforts and you reap an increase (many fold).Thanks Again,Steve Arakawa Steve Arakawa, Minneapolis, USA
John, Thanks for putting up this site. There is some very usefull stuff here. I downloaded the access db for the KJV so that I can put it up on my homeschooling site. God BLess,Frank Frank Born, Westernille NY, USA
I just wanted to drop a note and tell you what a blessing I think your Bibles in HTML and SpeedBibles are. Andrew Sutton, Columbia, MO, USA
When I found this up in someone's office, I looked it up on the computer and really enjoyed it Cheryl Wagner, Cleveland Ohio, USA
ive downloaded the free version of the biblei just wanted to thank u alotGod repay u for ur help in bible distribution:)) Happynino, Cairo, Egypt


HTML Bible Sites

HTML Bible installed on the Gideons International server.

Bruce and Holly Carter at www.hisamazinggrace.com have a beautiful and very inspirational web site dedicated to Jesus Christ. Their HTML Bible is installed here.

The KingJamesBible.com site has installed the HTML Bible.

JustBible.com has installed on their server.

Gospel Vision, which has put several HTML Bibles on their site, namely:

AccSoft.Net.Au with the KJV HTML Bible on their server.

Jeff and Kim Rathbone with "Beyond Our Walls" Ministry has installed the HTML Bible King James Reference Suite at this location on their site.

The Christian Section of the Digital Sword in the UK has installed a framed version of the HTML Bible here, along with their own very powerful search engine.

777 Connect, has installed their HTML Bible here.

Western Hills Baptist Church, has installed their HTML Bible here

Riviera Baptist Church has installed their HTML Bible here

Southern Maryland Online has installed their HTML Bible here.

Choose Faith has installed their "Speaking" HTML Bible here

United Christian Ministry has installed their King James Bible and Parallel Greek NT HTML Bibles on their server.

Gospels International has installed their Ukrainian Bible HTML Bible and Spanish HTML Bible, and many other languages on their site.

Jesus Only Way Ministries has installed their HTML Bible.

Curtis Hinson has installed the HTML Bible in Modern Greek

World Prayer has installed their KJV Bible from johnhurt.com

Saline Church of Christ has installed their HTML Bible.

United Church of God in St. Paul has installed their HTML Bible here.

Christian Geology Ministry has installed their HTML Bible here

Ron's Bible Research has installed the Douay Rheims Catholic HTML Bible here

Gospel Revolution has installed their HTML Bible (Parallel New Testament) here

Go Repent has installed both the English and Russian HTML Bibles on their website.

Write My Torah In Your Hearts has installed several HTML Bibles on their website.

Upon Truth has installed the American Standard HTML Bible on their very interesting site about the truth of God's Word.

The Bible Reading Log has used our Free MS Access Bibles to create a good web based reading program.

If you have put the HTML Bible on your server, please contact us and we will be glad to provide a link on this page.

Sites that Link To Us

Rhema Christian Ministries http://www.rhemachristianministries.com/
2200 Powder Springs Road
Marietta, Georgia 30064


Greg Wolf's HTML Bible is a beautiful rendition of the Bible in HTML format, in various languages, and is available at http://www.gregwolf.com/bibles.htm

The Bible Foundation at www.bf.org contains a large number of free (mostly English) electronic "text" Bibles and a nearly comprehensive list of links to other sites.

New Testament Web Resources at http://www.ntgateway.com/greek.htm by Dr Mark Goodacre, Dept of Theology, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. This site has scholarly information on studies in the New Testament Greek and other areas. The homepage for this site is http://www.ntgateway.com/

Finnish University and Research network FUNET FTP site at ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/doc/bible/texts/. This site in Finland has the Bible in free electronic format in many languages.

Project Gutenburg, at http://www.promo.net/pg/. This was one of the first sites to offer a free electronic Bible, as well as many other books in electronic text format.


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