Isaiah 32

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The Book of the Prophet Isaiah

Chapter 33


Woe to thee that spoilest,6 and thou [wast] not spoiled;7 and dealest treacherously,6 and they dealt not treacherously1 with thee! when thou shalt cease53 to spoil,6 thou shalt be spoiled;93 [and] when thou shalt make an end53 to deal treacherously,2 they shall deal treacherously4 with thee.


O LORD, be gracious3 unto us; we have waited14 for thee: be thou their arm every morning, our salvation also in the time of trouble.


At the noise of the tumult the people fled;1 at the lifting up of thyself the nations were scattered.1


And your spoil shall be gathered27 [like] the gathering of the caterpiller: as the running to and fro of locusts shall he run6 upon them.


The LORD is exalted;12 for he dwelleth6 on high: he hath filled14 Zion with judgment and righteousness.


And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, [and] strength of salvation: the fear of the LORD [is] his treasure.


Behold, their valiant ones shall cry1 without: the ambassadors of peace shall weep4 bitterly.


The highways lie waste,8 the wayfaring6 734 man ceaseth:1 he hath broken52 the covenant, he hath despised1 the cities, he regardeth1 no man.


The earth mourneth1 [and] languisheth:49 Lebanon is ashamed52 [and] hewn down:1 Sharon is like a wilderness; and Bashan and Carmel shake off6 [their fruits].


Now will I rise,4 saith4 the LORD; now will I be exalted;11 now will I lift up11 myself.


Ye shall conceive4 chaff, ye shall bring forth4 stubble: your breath, [as] fire, shall devour4 you.


And the people shall be [as] the burnings of lime: [as] thorns cut up7 shall they be burned4 in the fire.


Hear,3 ye [that are] far off, what I have done;1 and, ye [that are] near, acknowledge3 my might.


The sinners in Zion are afraid;1 fearfulness hath surprised1 the hypocrites. Who among us shall dwell4 with the devouring6 fire? who among us shall dwell4 with everlasting burnings?


He that walketh6 righteously, and speaketh6 uprightly; he that despiseth6 the gain of oppressions, that shaketh6 his hands from holding2 of bribes, that stoppeth5 his ears from hearing2 of blood, and shutteth6 his eyes from seeing2 evil;


He shall dwell4 on high: his place of defence [shall be] the munitions of rocks: bread shall be given12 him; his waters [shall be] sure.12


Thine eyes shall see4 the king in his beauty: they shall behold4 the land that is very far off.


Thine heart shall meditate4 terror. Where [is] the scribe?6 where [is] the receiver?6 where [is] he that counted6 the towers?


Thou shalt not see4 a fierce12 people, a people of a deeper speech than thou canst perceive;2 of a stammering12 tongue, [that thou canst] not understand.


Look3 upon Zion, the city of our solemnities: thine eyes shall see4 Jerusalem a quiet habitation, a tabernacle [that] shall not be taken down;4 not one of the stakes thereof shall ever be removed,4 neither shall any of the cords thereof be broken.11


But there the glorious LORD [will be] unto us a place of broad 3027 rivers [and] streams; wherein shall go4 no galley with oars, neither shall gallant ship pass4 thereby.


For the LORD [is] our judge,6 the LORD [is] our lawgiver,26 the LORD [is] our king; he will save55 us.


Thy tacklings are loosed;8 they could not well strengthen17 their mast, they could not spread1 the sail: then is the prey of a great spoil divided;27 the lame take1 the prey.


And the inhabitant shall not say,4 I am sick:1 the people that dwell6 therein [shall be] forgiven7 [their] iniquity.

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