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About the
Easton's Bible Dictionary
for the HTML Bible

The Easton's Bible Dictionary for the HTML Bible has been placed under copyright © 2000 by Each copy you possess is licensed to you in accordance with our Licensing Agreement, and only if you have made a $5.00 payment for the software to the following address:
PO Box 31
Elmwood, TN 38560

To Install the Easton's Bible Dictionary

After downloading, create a folder inside the HTML Bible folder on your c: drive (that is, make this folder a sub-folder of the HTML Bible.) Name this folder "easton" - all lower case. It is very important that you name the folder correctly.

Unzip the two download files using WinZip or equivalent. Put the files in the easton folder.

If you install the easton folder under the Parallel New Testament HTML Bible, or in the Greek New Testament HTML Bible, the Old Testament references will not work.

To Use the Easton Bible Dictionary

Open the index.htm file in the easton folder with your browser.

Last Updated May 6, 2000
Created by, Elmwood TN, USA