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Format Provided

Note: Due to Software Piracy, this copyrighted software is no longer available in plain HTML.

For the single payment of $5.00, this software is provided in the Microsoft "HTML Help" format, which has a built-in search function, index, and Table of Contents.
The search engine will work on your PC if you have Internet Explorer.
This is the same format as used on MSDN. This format is best viewed by Internet Explorer 4.0 or better, and is not supported by Netscape.

There are no updates to your registry. To uninstall the software, simply delete the files you have downloaded.

Test Download
To ensure that you will be able to use this product, we have prepared a sample download of the Book of Matthew in the Microsoft HTML Help formats:
Test Download
Microsoft HTML Help Format

144 KB
Download time at 28.8 KBs
5 seconds

Save this file on your computer and open it with Internet Explorer.

If you cannot view the file, and have Windows 95 or Windows NT, you need to download the Microsoft HTML Help Installation and Update Package (Hhupd.exe) Version 1.40.

Click Here to download Microsoft Hhupd.exe.

Size of Download File

The download files for the King James Speaking Bible are large, and could take an hour to download with a standard 28.8 telephone modem.
The file size is listed below:

File Size
Microsoft HTML Help Format

kjvtalk.chm 4,954 KB

Speech Components

You must have the appropriate Microsoft Speech Components installed on your machine to use the King James Talking Bible.

The Microsoft Corporation has signed a License Distribution Agreement with to distribute these components.

By downloading and installing these components, you are indicating that you agree with the License Distribution Agreement, Acceptance and Disclaimer of Warranty, and Limitation of Liability, as referenced on our Microsoft Agent Speech Components page.

If you do not agree with our License Distribution Agreement, Acceptance and Disclaimer of Warranty, and Limitation of Liability, then you are not authorized to download and install these components.

Component Description Download From
MS Agent Core Component MSagent.exe
392 KB
SAPI 4.0a Runtime Binaries spchapi.exe
825 KB
MS Agent Character "Peedy" Peedy.exe
3,325 KB
American English Text to Speech Engine tv_enua.exe
998 KB

To manually install these Microsoft Agent components directly from Microsoft, go to the MS Agent Downloads Page at:

You may download these components at any time before or after you purchase the software.

License Agreement

By downloading this software, you indicate that you have read and agree to our Licensing Agreement. This Licensing Agreement can be read by clicking here.
If you do not agree with the Licensing Agreement, then you are not authorized to download our software.

Multiple Copies of Software

If you install this software on more than one machine, then you need to purchase multiple licenses.

Payment Options

You may purchase this software by check, money order, or credit card.

Check or Money Order

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Please include your email address on any written correspondence, check or money order.

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